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Industrial Outdoor Telephone Extension Ringer

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Manufacturer: Philmore
SKU: 123084 Part No: TEC49

Industrial Outdoor Telephone Extension Ringer

A weather-resistant bell loud enough to be heard in the noisiest factory or over extended distances outdoors, but has an adjustable loudness control that makes it ideal for a quiet patio or home. A real necessity for those with a hearing impairment.
This ringer can work in conjunction with your present phone ringer or independently, if so desired. Installation is simple, just use a 4-conductor extension cable (not supplied) with 4 contact modular plugs at both ends. Plug one end into the jack on the No. TEC49 ringer and the other into any modular jack on the line. If no spare jack is available, a dual adaptor, such as Philmore’s No. TEC29, will enable it to share a jack with an existing telephone.

Sound Pressure Level: +95dB (excitation 20 Hz., 60 V, rms)
Minimum Operating Voltage: 40 Volts rms (20Hz) rated; average less than 40 volts.
Ringer Impedance: more than 8K ohms at 20 Hz.


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